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我以为是论文出了问题,但反复核查之后,并没找到问题出在哪里。问“客户”要指导老师的修改意见,她说没有意见,只是说“不合格”。 彩文自然是开不出发票,双方因此谈崩,客户拒付尾款。彩文自然也就没钱再分给黑熊。 The present choice cost is calculated as being the anticipated payoff at maturity T, discounted by possibility-free rate more than precisely the same time period, that is e −rT . Accounti... https://damienwfk4k.illawiki.com/2690682/how_much_you_need_to_expect_you_ll_pay_for_a_good_论文代写


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